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Profloc™ C

Profloc™ C

Product Data Sheet:
Our Product Informational and Safety Data Sheets are available for download. If you are interested in purchasing our products feel free to Make A Request or give us a call at +1(800) 800-9019.

Significantly improves the removal of colloidal particles and dissolved polymers by multi-media filters and it’s compatible with Pretreat Plus 0100.

Effectively Removes:


Coagulates colloidal particles and dissolved polymeric organic and inorganic matter.

Compatible with Pretreat Plus® 0100 and Protec™ RO.

Optimal dosages are controllable by zeta-potential measurements of treated water.

Liquid formulation for convenience and safety.

Increases resistance to breakthrough of particles in filtration.


Typical dosage range is between 0.5–10 ppm. Over and under dosing may decrease filtration efficiency. For assistance, 1 gallon water samples may be sent to King Lee Technologies for determining optimum dosage.


Feed water pH:5.0-10.0 Product pH: 5-7 Appearance: Clear to light yellow liquid Specific gravity: 1.04 Viscosity (25°C) 80-180 cp


Clear to Light Yellow Liquid

Product pH (neat):
6.5 ± 3.5

Specific gravity:
1.04 ± 0.02


Profloc C™ must be added prior to the multi-media filters at minimum necessary dosages, and allowing coagulation process to occur. Excess coagulant can be removed with filtration through activated carbon. Caution: Many antiscalants and antifoulants contain organic polymers and ionic species that readily coagulate with Profloc C™ and would cause severe fouling of membranes.


5 gal (20 kg), 55 gal (220 kg), 275 gal (1042 kg)