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Our mission is to advance the
reverse osmosis industry by
providing superior products,
services and technical
expertise aimed at increasing
membrane life and

King Lee Technologies created the membrane chemistry industry. Founded in 1977 by Craig Netwig, we have been working with system operators, OEMs, and consulting engineering firms for over 40 years. We have seen the industry grow from a scientific curiosity to main stream technology producing trillions of gallons of potable water every day.

As membrane technology evolved and grew, King Lee Technologies has stayed ahead of the trend by developing some of the most effective antiscalants, membrane cleaners and specialty products that have

enabled clients to meet each year’s latest challenge of increasing product recoveries, extending the time between cleaning cycles, and using more and more challenging feed water.

King Lee Technologies’ staff is always current with latest membrane technology innovations and we have treated thousands of brackish ground, surface and seawater chemistries in our decades of experience. Our uniquely specialized focus in reverse osmosis chemistry, coupled with having the most years of industry experience, truly sets us apart.

It was a young 8-year-old boy’s fascination and curiosity with his Porter Chemistry Set which provided the inspiration for King Lee Technologies. Later, it was his continued curiosity, entrepreneurial spirit and vision which laid the foundation for our company’s culture and what we have become today.

Today, we are more than just a water treatment chemical manufacturer, but a brand known for its quality, commitment, and innovation. Craig’s determined spirit was the drive which started King Lee Technologies and it is the determined spirit of everyone on this team which continues to carry us forward. Our company’s culture is guided by key principles which allows us to provide superior products and services. We do this not only by addressing our clients’ needs, but by helping them realize what their needs actually are. We enjoy what we do and we look forward to helping you get your next project started!

The RO Experts

Our team is the heart of who we are here at King Lee. It’s made up of industry members who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the reverse osmosis and chemistry fields. Let us help you find your solution.

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