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Specialty Chemicals

KLT manufactures specialty chemicals in addition to antiscalants and membrane cleaners. These RO/NF specific membrane compatible chemicals work to control bio growth. Microtreat™ BIO loosens bio growth on the membrane surface which can ultimately be removed with a high pH cleaner. Memstor™ is highly effective for short- and long-term membrane preservation with no significant loss in salt rejection upon startup.

We also provide a coagulant, Profloc™ C, which aids in the removal of larger particles by media filters and is compatible with many of our Pretreat Plus line of antiscalants. Our sanitization product, Microclean™ UHP removes free-floating biological organisms in ultra high purity water piping and DI water systems. It’s economical, highly effective and has shorter rinse-up times than similar products containing hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid such as Minncare. Check out Mitsubishi’s case study to see for yourself!


Microguard™ A


Microguard™ A is a preservative designed to inhibit biological growth in diluted antiscalant and antifoulant solutions. This preservative quickly and easily mixes into solution and is ideal for particular antiscalant and antifoulant solutions that are diluted in the dosing tank.

Profloc™ C


Significantly improves the removal of colloidal particles and dissolved polymers by multi-media filters and it’s compatible with Pretreat Plus 0100.

Microtreat™ BIO

Microbiological Control

Strong but membrane safe microbiological control product able to loosen organic material to be cleaned off the membrane.

Microclean™ UHP

Di Loop Cleaner

Highly effective DI water piping and strong tank cleaner specifically designed to free-floating bacteria and biofilm.


Membrane Storage

Highly effective short and long term membrane storage product to inhibit microbiological growth within membranes and membrane systems.