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Membrane Studies

Membrane Studies

At King Lee Technologies, we want to help you find answers to the problems your RO system is facing. Membrane studies are the most effective method for resolving issues that cause unexpected changes in operation.

Each membrane study is tailored to finding the solution to your unique problem. You could be experiencing increased pressures in the front end of your system which could be the result of biological or colloidal fouling, pressure builds up in the tail end from scaling, or it may be that the cartridge filters are not sufficiently stopping particulates which are getting caught in the front end of the membranes.

It is not always easy to diagnose the issues at hand but a membrane study will help get down to the bottom of things. We have the right membrane study to get you the critical information needed to address your issues. Call or contact us today to schedule your study.

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The Basic Autopsy with foulant analysis will start by wet testing the RO elements sent to King Lee Technologies. Wet testing will determine productivity, salt rejection, and differential pressure and allow us to compare the element’s performance to the manufacturing standards.

During the autopsy samples of foulant will be collected from the membrane surface for physical and chemical analysis. The membrane element will be examined for any defects, either manufacturing or due to operational effects. The condition of the membrane element will be photographically documented. A report will be provided listing testing done, test results, photographs, chemical analysis, and conclusions as to the nature and source of the foulant.

Includes 2 membrane elements for autopsy.

Our most widely requested study which includes everything in the Basic Autopsy. In addition, membrane integrity testing will be carried out to chemically test any integrity issues which could result from oxidative damage.

Includes 2 membrane elements for autopsy.

When biological problems could possibly play a factor in decreased membrane productivity and you need to understand how to treat it. The Bio-Buster Autopsy includes your Basic Autopsy, membrane integrity testing and biological testing.

Biological fouling is most likely to materialize with surface water such as lakes and rivers, wastewater and water reuse applications but can also occur with seawater and well water applications.

Includes 2 membrane elements for autopsy.

During a Cleaning Study membranes will go through initial testing and data gathering to determine a baseline. The membranes will be thoroughly cleaned with our regimen of proprietary cleaning formulations to determine which cleaners are most effective. Post test data will be gathered and a customized CIP procedure will be developed to meet your specific needs.

Includes 2 membranes for cleaning study.

Our most in-depth study which includes membrane elements for autopsy, foulant analysis, integrity testing, biological testing and a Cleaning Study to gain the most comprehensive understanding of what might be plaguing your system and what cleaning regimen is best suited to resolve the problem.

Includes 2 membranes for autopsy and 2 membranes for cleaning cleaning study.

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