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The Latest in Piloting Technology

Piloting is a great way to optimize your system performance by learning if you have the correct pretreatment in place, your cleanings are restorative or you are interested in testing a new chemical before bringing it online on your main system. Our RO-D2 Pilot Unit comes fully equipped with the latest features.

It is iWaterPRO enabled, allowing you to track the normalized data which takes into account that operating conditions are constantly changing thereby showing you a more precise picture of how the system is running. It automatically collects the data points for you so you can remotely monitor the data, requires only a small footprint and is portable.

See a 360 degree view of the pilot!



  • iWaterPRO™ enabled
  • Automated data longing
  • Remote controlled operation and monitoring
  • Compact and portable
  • Recycle capability to simulate high recoveries
  • Includes chemical injection tank and pump

Pressure Vessel:

Rated at 300 PSI


Touchscreen w/ Color HMI


4 inch

Sample Ports:

For ease of water analysis