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Pretreat Plus® G5000

Pretreat Plus® G5000

Product Data Sheet:
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A powerful synergistic antiscalant, specifically formulated for feedwaters that need targeted control of calcium sulfate (gypsum) scale in the presence of other scale-forming minerals.

Effectively Controls:

Its specialty is in extending membrane life in systems treating industrial or mining water.

Controls calcium sulfate (gypsum) scale at extreme concentrations.

Superior dispersing capabilities.

Inhibits inorganic scale and precipitation of dissolved metals.

Compatible with RO, NF, and UF membranes from all major manufacturers.

Liquid formulation is convenient and easy to use.


In the typical dosage range of 1–5 mg/L (neat), control of extremely high levels of sulfate scale is possible. By monitoring the concentrate stream and trend charts using iWaterPRO™, optimal dosage can be achieved.


Colorless to Light Orange Liquid

Product pH (neat):
6.0 ± 1.0

Specific gravity:
1.18 ± 0.06

Feed water pH:


Pretreat Plus® G5000 should be injected into the feed stream prior to the static mixer and cartridge filter. Effective pH range is 5.0-10.0. If frozen, may be thawed and mixed before use.


Liquid: 5 gal (20 kg), 55 gal (220 kg),
220 gal (834 kg), 275 gal (1042 kg), Bulk