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Diamite™ HpH Plus

Diamite™ HpH Plus

Product Data Sheet:
Our Product Informational and Safety Data Sheets are available for download. If you are interested in purchasing our products feel free to Make A Request or give us a call at +1(800) 800-9019.

A stronger high pH cleaner for really difficult to remove organic material.

Effectively Removes:


Specifically formulated for membranes highly fouled with organics or inorganic particulate.

Aggressive performance broad spectrum cleaner.

Compatible with RO, NF and UF membranes from all major manufacturers.

Removes silt, colloids, organics, biogrowth, and other alkali soluble foulants

Liquid formulation for ease and safety of mixing.

Includes a highly effective sanitizing agent

Dilution Ratio

Perform a thorough low-pressure system flush. Prepare each cleaning solution as a 1:40 mixing ratio of neat cleaner to final prepared cleaning solution by filling the CIP tank with the appropriate volume of permeate or DI water, then adding chemical while mixing or circulating in the tank. If the system is undrained post-flush, assume approx. 4 gal of water remains in each 8”x40” membrane element (1 gal per each 4”x40”). Rinse completely aft each cleaner.



Light Yellow to Orange Liquid

Product pH (1%):
12.5 ± 0.5


Clean each RO train when its normalized productivity has decreased by 15% from clean operation. Soak and circulation times will vary based on the condition of the membranes. Monitoring pH during cleaning and documenting results for each step will help empirically fine-tune your procedure.


5 gal (20 kg), 55 gal (220 kg)