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NuTreat™ 1700

NuTreat™ 1700

Product Data Sheet:
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A very powerful antiscalant for targeting calcium carbonate and has proven success in post RO/NF concentrate tanks and lines.

Effectively Controls:

Does not flocculate dissolved iron/aluminum oxide/silica complexes. Effectivley Controls:

Specifically formulated to inhibit precipitation in the high TDS brine resulting from brackish water deslination.

Controls scale over a large concentration range.

Strong anti-deposition/dispersant.

Compatible with RO/NF membranes from all major manufacturers.

Highly effective in concentrate lines and tanks.

Phosphorous-free to meet discharge requirements.


In the dosage range of 1-20 mg/L (neat), depending on the application. Optimal dosage can be found empirically.



Clear to Off-White, Semi-Transparent Liquid

Product pH (neat):
3.2 ± 0.9

Specific gravity:
1.25 ± 0.15


For scale control in brine, Inject Nutreat™ 1700 as close to the point of RO/NF discharge as possible, preferably prior to air exposure. For RO/NF application, inject ahead of the cartridge filters. Recommended to protect from freezing.


5 gal (23.6 kg), 55 gal (241kg),
250 gal (1182 kg)