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Product Data Sheet:
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Versatile and heavy duty low pH powder cleaner for removing membrane scale and other inorganics.

Effectively Removes:


Removes scale due to hardness.

Heavy duty action broad spectrum cleaning.

Ideal for the removal of acid-soluble scale including iron, calcium carbonate and metal oxides.

Powder formulation for efficient shipping and handling.

Copatible with RO, NF, and UF membranes from all major manufacturers.

Dilution Ratio

Prepare each cleaning solution using a ratio of 1 lb of cleaning powder to 10 gallons of permeate or DI water. If the system is not drained before cleaning, assume that approximately 4 gallons of water is present in each 8”x40 membrane element and 1 gallon of water is present in each 4”x40” membrane element after a thorough system flush.



Colorless to Tan Powder

Product pH (1%):
11.2 ± 1.5


Clean each RO train when its normalized productivity has decreased by 15% from clean operation. Soak and circulation times will vary based on the condition of the membranes. Monitoring pH during cleaning and documenting results for each step will help empirically fine-tune your procedure.


2 lbs (1 kg), 4 lbs (1.8 kg),
25 lbs (11.3 kg), 45 lbs (20.4 kg)