Membrane Services

Membrane Cleaning

Membrane cleaning is more cost effective than buying new membranes when the current load of elements is fouled. If you can’t clean at your site then off-site membrane cleaning is your best option.

There are many reasons for considering off-site membrane cleaning. In some cases there is no on-site cleaning equipment, or there is no one with any membrane cleaning experience. Off-site membrane cleanings is also used by operators who do can clean on-site but need professional assistance in restoring flow in difficult cases. Experts that clean membranes on a daily basis can often use their experience and specialty cleaners to solve problems that otherwise would lead to the disposal of fouled elements.

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Membrane Autopsy

Membrane autopsies can be the most accurate and objective method for solving system problems if done by an proficient technician. The first step in the autopsy process is to wet test the element using the manufacturer’s test conditions to determine its current performance. After this the element is taken apart by removing the outer shell and unrolling the membrane scroll. Once this is done, an experienced technician can examine the entire membrane surface, collect any foulant on the membrane for chemical analysis, and determine if there are any manufacturing defects or operationally caused damage.

Keep in mind that the autopsy is done to unravel your problem not just write a report. The more knowledgeable the technician/engineer, the more likely your problem will be solved.

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