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Antiscalant and Antifoulant

RO & NF membrane compatible antiscalant, or scale inhibitors, inhibit the formation of scale on membranes. Antifoulants work to prevent organic and biological material from attaching to the membranes all resulting in a loss in productivity.

Pretreat Plus® Gypsum Concentrate

A powerfully targeted antiscalant for hard to control calcium-sulfate / gypsum scale.

Pretreat Plus® 0100

The most widely used for all applications, this broad spectrum antiscalant is excellent in controlling calcium carbonate, silica, and iron.

Pretreat Plus® Select

A more cost effective broad spectrum antiscalant for use with RO systems treating water with less scaling potential.

Pretreat Plus® S1000

An antiscalant for feedwater with higher silica scaling potential combined with dispersant properties to inhibit colloidal fouling.

Pretreat Plus® 0100 Concentrate

A concentrated version of our PTP 0100 for overseas shipments and large water treatment plants looking to reduce freight costs and footprint.

Protec™ RO C

A highly effective antifoulant and anticoagulant with broad capabilities for inhabiting silt, organics, colloids and fine particles from fouling the membrane.

Pretreat Plus® Y2K

Our most robust broad spectrum antiscalant having great scale control capacity typically used at a lower dose.

Protec™ RO

A highly effective antifoulant specially formulated to inhabit colloidal and organic fouling.

NuTreat™ 1700

A very powerful antiscalant for targeting calcium carbonate and has proven success in post Ro concentrate tanks and lines.