Membrane Studies

At King Lee Technologies, we want to help you find answers to the problems your RO system is facing. Membrane studies are the most effective method for resolving issues that cause unexpected changes in operation. We offer three types of studies: Autopsy with Foulant Analysis, Cleaning Study, and Full Study.

Autopsy with Foulant Analysis

Some sites use membrane autopsy as part of their routine maintenance. Every year a representative element is taken from the system for examination. This allows the staff to directly measure the effectiveness of cleaning, and detect any operationally caused membrane element damage as soon as possible. Whatever the needs of your site, you will probably find membrane autopsy a useful problem solving tool.

The Autopsy with Foulant Analysis will begin by wet testing RO elements sent to King Lee Technologies. The shipped elements should be taken from the most severely affected part of the RO. Wet testing will determine productivity, salt rejection, and differential pressure and allow us to compare the element’s performance to the system performance. Based on wet test results we will select and autopsy the element with the poorest performance. During the autopsy, samples of foulant will be collected from the membrane surface for later chemical analysis. The element will also be examined for any defects, either manufacturing or due to operational effects. The condition of the element will be photographically documented.

A report will be provided listing testing done, test results, photographs, chemical analysis, and conclusions as to the nature and source of the foulant.

Cleaning Study

Cleaning Studies begin by weighing and wet testing the received elements against manufacturer’s specifications to evaluate the membranes’ current performance. This study requires at least 2 membranes, but more is preferable. We will then run the membrane through a cycle of low pH, silica, and high pH cleaners to see the effect of each. Based on our findings, we will provide recommendations for the most effective cleaning procedure for the system.


Full Study


The Full Study combines the Cleaning Study and Autopsy with Foulant analysis, resulting in a comprehensive understanding of the system and its operational problems. A report will be provided listing testing done, test results, chemical analysis, cleaning procedures, conclusions as to the nature and source of the foulant, and recommendations for improved system performance and reliability. We will remain as a consultant with your client and your organization as our recommendations are carried out. The Full Study requires 3 membranes at minimum, but more is preferable.




Studies will generally require 7 to 10 business days. Billing will be either Net 30 if your organization has an account with King Lee Technologies, or credit card. For Net 30 accounts, an invoice will be mailed after the report has been issued.

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