Membrane Cleaning

Off-site membrane cleaning is an extremely useful service for system operators and owners when membrane cleaning cannot be done on-site. In some cases, off-site cleaning is used by system operators who cannot clean their systems on-site because they don’t have clean in place equipment (CIP). In other cases, there are limitations on sewage discharge of spent membrane cleaning solutions. Membrane cleaning is more cost effective than buying new replacements.

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Using professionals to solve a cleaning problem

Offsite membrane cleanings is often used by operators who can do cleaning on-site but need some professional assistance. In some cases the system is new and has had some issues going through start up. There may be some warranty concerns.

In other cases, the on-site membrane cleanings have not been 100% effective. The system productivity after cleaning is lower than after the last cleaning. The system productivity is “sawtoothing down” over time.

Finally, there are cases where there is an incident, such as accidentally “deadheading” the system (closing off the concentrate flow so all the feed water must go through the membrane). This would result in fouling the membrane well beyond what would be normally seen.

In each of these cases, the membrane site staff can enlist King Lee Technologies’ 35 years of experience in membrane cleaning. We have broad spectrum cleaners and specialty cleaners that have been developed and tested in the field. Send us one or more of the effected membrane elements for cleaning. If we can’t get them clean, then it is probably time to explore our Membrane Store.

Contact us in the USA at 800-800-9019, or email Rick May at