Specialty Cleaners

Some foulants require specialized cleaners. Our KL cleaning series includes specialty formulations to remove Barium sulfate (KL 2020), calcium sulfate/alum (KL 2030), and sulfur (KL 2040). These foulants are very serious and may necessitate shutting down the membrane system and immediate cleaning. We have also designed specialty formulations for more unique cleaning requirements (e.g. BetterClean-D and CoClean-1). As membrane cleaning is crucial for continued efficient operation, please call us for assistance in optimizing system cleaning at 800-800-9019.

    Specialty KL Series Cleaners

    Cleaner For Removal Of Info Sheet Safety Data Sheet
    KL2020 barium sulfate
    KL2030 calcium sulfate/alum
    KL2040 sulfur

    Other Specialty Cleaners

    Cleaner Info Sheet Safety Data Sheet