RO membrane systems that use antiscalant avoid mineral scaling and thus can operate for extended periods of time between membrane cleanings. Also, antiscalants allow RO membrane systems to remove far more pure water from each gallon of feed water than would otherwise be possible.

Antiscalant Product Line

Product Info Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Pretreat Plus® 0100
Pretreat Plus® 3100
Pretreat Plus® Y2K

How do you pick the right RO antiscalant for your site?

Large Systems (100+ Gallons per Minute)

There are two ways of picking a RO antiscalant. The first way is to send us three pieces of information you probably already have. This is the best approach for larger RO systems with feed flows of greater than 100 gallons per minute.

We need:

  • The feed water chemistry.
  • The system recovery.
  • The feed flow rate.

For your convenience, you can complete and submit our on-line Water Chemistry Analysis Form. If you have any questions, just call us at 800-800-9019 to discuss.

Submit a Water Chemistry Analysis Form

Once we get the information, we do an antiscalant projection and email you back our recommendations on what RO antiscalant to use and what dose to inject into your feed water.

For Small Systems on Municipal Water

Public water systems have to supply their customers with annual reports of water quality. You can use the information in those notices to fill out, complete, and submit our on-line Water Chemistry Analysis Form.

Submit a Water Chemistry Analysis Form

Small RO Systems on Well Water

The second way to pick an RO antiscalant is to simply use Pretreat Plus® 0100 at 5 ppm. Pretreat Plus® 0100 is a excellent broad range antiscalant. We have never seen this product fail when injected at 5 ppm for systems operating at recoveries of 75% or less. You probably will be using too much antiscalant but for small systems, wasting a little antiscalant may be smaller than the cost of a water chemistry report. These reports usually run about $150. Keep in mind, you can always opt to have a water chemistry done later on.

Small Systems on Surface Water or For Non-potable Applications

We’d like you to contact us directly at 800-800-9019 to discuss your system. Surface waters are difficult to process using a membrane system. This is due to the unusually high levels of organics. We can offer chemistry and advice that may save you post start up headaches.

Non-Potable Applications

Non-potable applications such as wastewater recycling require more information than called for by our Water Chemistry Form. Please give us a call at 800-800-9019 to discuss.

Why use more than one RO antiscalant?

There are many different slightly soluble salts that can form scale on the surface of the RO membrane. The type and amount of slightly soluble salts in feed water differ from one site to another. You may need to have a broad spectrum RO antiscalant at one site, and a more specialized RO antiscalant at another. You may want a stronger RO antiscalant for greater reliability for large membrane systems. To meet these different needs we have formulated many antiscalants. However, experience in the field has shown that three of these products satisfy 95%+ of operating membrane systems. These RO antiscalants are Pretreat Plus® 0100, Pretreat Plus® Y2K, and Pretreat Plus® Silica.

Pretreat Plus® 0100

Pretreat Plus® 0100 is our most popular and effective RO antiscalant. It has a broad range of scale control. For small systems of less than 100 gallons per minute, or for large systems with good pilot test results, this is the right choice. Click on the Pretreat Plus® 0100 link on this page to see the product specification sheet.

Pretreat Plus® Y2K

Pretreat Plus® Y2K is formulated for large membrane systems. This product is a broad spectrum RO antiscalant like Pretreat Plus® 0100 but has greater scaling control capacity. It provides greater reliability for systems containing hundreds of elements and uses lower doses allowing smaller antiscalant tankage and associated equipment. Click on the Pretreat Plus® Y2K link on this page to see the product specification sheet.

Pretreat Plus® Silica

Pretreat Plus® Silica is similar to Pretreat Plus® 0100 with an additional silica scaling inhibition. This product can be used in any size RO system where the feed water has 30+ ppm of silica. Silica scaling is a serious concern for membrane systems located west of the Mississippi, Southeast Asia, and territories with waters feed from steeply mountainous regions. Click on the Pretreat Plus® Silica link on this page to see the product specification sheet.

Specialty RO Antiscalants

King Lee Technologies has developed many RO antiscalants that are focused on specific fouling salts such as calcium sulfate, or calcium fluoride. Call us to discuss if you need one of these specialty products.