Microtreat TF

Control Infestation of Bacteria, Yeast, etc. by removing Biofilms

Microtreat TF is a product designed to remove biofilm from RO, NF, UF and MF membranes. By removing the biofilm the underlying microorganisms are exposed and can be removed. It is a safe, effective non-oxidizing cleaning agent. It is safer and more effective than using biocides such as formaldehyde, chlorine or hydrogen peroxide.

When do I use MicroTreat TF in my cleaning procedure?

Microtreat TF is used as part of ‘normal’ membrane cleaning using the clean in place system (CIP). It is used after the low pH cleaning and before the high pH cleaner. Since your membrane cleaning procedures are based on what works at your site, you may want to change the order of cleaners and what step to use Microtreat TF . Please contact us if you want to discuss.

What MicroTreat TF concentration do I use?

A 1% volume/volume solution of Microtreat TF is circulated for a normal preventative cleaning.

When the system has been infested, then a 20% v/v solution should be used.

If you have cellulose membranes, you will need to adjust the TF solution to a pH between 6 and 8. Please contact us to discuss.

How long do I circulate/soak MicroTreat TF ?

We recommend circulating Microtreat TF for at least one hour. Some sites have found an overnight soak is useful.

Why alternate between Microtreat TF and Microtreat BIO ?

Microtreat TF and MicroTreat BIO do the same job but do it differently. By using a different chemistry every other cleaning, the bugs can’t adapt and survive.

Rev. 7/2012