Microbiological Control Products

What is “Microbiological Control”?

The answer is bugs and biofilms. When feed water comes into the membrane system there inevitably will be microorganism such as bacteria, yeasts, and their associated slimes. Normally these ‘bugs’ simply pass through, but a few manage to stick to the membrane element, but are removed more or less easily during normal high pH membrane cleanings. However, there are some sites that have more aggressive bugs, or have suffered an unexpected shut down that allowed the bugs more time in the system to colonize.

Once the bugs have found a home, they quickly work to build a layer of polysaccharides (complex sugars) to protect themselves from attack by membrane cleaners. This layer is called a biofilm. Biofilm are very difficult to remove.

Microbiological Control Products

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Microtreat BIO
Microtreat TF

Microtreat BIO and Microtreat TF are formulated to remove biofilms and kill bugs. Both products actually do the same job. But they go after these bugs using different chemistries. This is very important in controlling bugs.

Bugs can adapt to almost anything when given a chance. If you continue to use the same sanitizing agent, eventually the bugs will adapt to it and not be controlled. By alternating between Microtreat BIO and Microtreat TF you can keep the bugs off balance and your system sanitized.

Microtreat BIO and Microtreat TF are widely used and are displacing older products as can be seen by the growing number of dialysis clinics adopting King Lee’s Microtreat products.