Membrane Chemicals

The product you need is the one that solves the problem you have.

The hard part is knowing what is causing the problem. King Lee can make sure all the products you purchase work together to give you the optimum performance from your system. Give us a call (800-800-9019) to help pick the right mix of antiscalant, membrane cleaners, and other products that solve specific problems. You can also email our Technical Engineer at .


antiscalant stop scale crystals from formingAntiscalants are used to process very poor quality feed water at very high rates of recovery. When used properly, antiscalants extend the time between membrane cleanings from a few weeks to years in some cases. Without antiscalants, membrane systems would not be the practical workhorse of the water treatment industry. Click on the Antiscalant link on this page to see the various antiscalants products available for your membrane system. If you want in depth information on antiscalant in general, click here.

Membrane Cleaners

Even with antiscalants, membranes systems inevitably have to be cleaned. A good rule of thumb is to clean when the productivity of the system has declined by 15%, or feed pressure has increased by 15%. Click on the Membrane Cleaners link to see the various membrane cleaners available for your membrane system. If you want more in depth information on membrane cleaners in general, click here.

Other Products

Most of the needs of a membrane system are handled by antiscalants and membrane cleaners. Some membrane systems need more support. Membrane systems and piping can be suddenly infested with microorganisms (Microbiological Control, Piping Cleaner). System may need to be taken out of operation and storage for extended periods (Membrane Storage). Some systems are fouled with dissolved organic material (Antifoulants). Click on the Other Products link to see the various specialized products for your membrane system.