Research and Application Engineering Intern

Position Summary

King Lee Technologies is the leader in Reverse Osmosis System Performance Chemistry for the production of high purity water. We are seeking a part-time or full-time intern who is working toward or has obtained a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, or Chemistry. The key feature of this role is support for lead Engineering and Chemistry technical staff. The position will report to the Technical Director.

Qualifications & Skills Required

• Pursuing or achieved a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, or Chemistry.
• Understanding of solubility limits and phase equilibrium and fluid dynamics.
• Highly skilled in lab practices, as well as MS Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
• Experienced in project management with demands from multiple directions, managing progress on multiple projects simultaneously while prioritizing under pressure, staying organized, and maintaining accountability to self-established deadlines.
• Proficient in written and verbal communication to translate difficult concepts clearly for diverse audiences.
• Skilled in strategic thinking, problem solving, troubleshooting, research, and data analysis with summarization and conclusions.
• Excellent time management skills and commitment to timelines.
• Eagerness to learn quickly, to take initiative and to work independently, as well as to collaborate, to seek expertise, and to take direction.
• Ability to balance creative thinking with maintaining purpose for the “big picture”.
• Strong sense of respect, integrity, and personal investment in professional contribution.


• 1-3 years relevant professional experience (e.g. application chemistry, inorganic chemistry, water treatment, chemical industry, research, consulting, process equipment).
• Specialty software skills (e.g. CRM, programming language).


• Support Engineering and Chemistry technical staff in the following areas: product application, lab management, product development, product stewardship, and technical services.
• Contribute through hands-on methods, including process investigations through application of lab equipment and analytical instruments.
• Apply design of experiments and perform research, applying concepts of chemical screening and scale-up.
• Perform research and laboratory activities and document in a scientifically accurate research notebook to ensure repeatability. Prepare and deliver PowerPoint presentations as necessary to communicate purpose, progress, and conclusions.
• Execute, update, and prepare detailed SOPs/instructions/guidelines for laboratory, bench-scale, pilot-scale, and customer full-scale procedures.
• Oversee and restock laboratory chemical inventory. Maintain and calibrate analytical instruments and equipment.
• Ship samples for offsite analyses and retain results.
• Support project management and QA/QC for process-related software development projects.
• Adhere to safe work practices, including appropriate handling and documentation of hazardous chemicals and waste.

Please send your resume along with a cover letter to