About Us

King Lee Technologies HeadquartersKing Lee Technologies created the membrane chemistry industry. Founded in 1977 by Craig Netwig, we have been working with system operators, OEMs, and consulting engineering firms for over 40 years. We have seen the industry grow from a scientific curiosity to main stream technology producing billions of gallons of potable water every day.

As membrane technology evolved and grew, King Lee Technologies has developed and refined product lines in antiscalants, membrane cleaners and specialty products that have enabled clients to meet each year’s latest challenge of increasing product recoveries, eliminating acid, and using more and more challenging feed water.

By helping our client meet their goals, King Lee Technologies’ staff is always current with latest membrane technology innovations. Coupled with our decades of experience in the industry we give our clients the best support in the business. Contact King Lee Technologies to help you move forward to your next objective.